Friday, March 31, 2017

High Hand Joe

Joe has shown up on my design board. He was my first good show horse. He would be upset when we were not called first for a ribbon and would swish around the exit gate. Poor horse, I was learning the show ropes. We did get better and he was able to leave the ring in what he perceived to be the correct order.

I took this photo at twilight so his pinkish orange color is enhanced. Being an appaloosa, spring was always a rush to see what color he would shed out.

He had been foundered before I purchased him so the farrier had a job keeping him sound.

Most of the horses I have owned have been good for children to ride. Joe was not fond of them. He was picky as to what his rider could ask of him. It was Joe's way or the highway. Fortunately he liked me, especially after I learned to ride better. He would untie himself at the horse shows and wander off in search of something better to eat.

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