Saturday, December 6, 2014

Machines in waiting

The girls are lined up, waiting for an assignment. And an assignment came up for all of them. A quick piece with a piece  from my printed stash.

Sebastian. This isn't quite the finished piece but you get the main idea.

Lights are up outside, the tree is up, the nativity set is up.

And I have a new camera to shoot some scenes. I hope to shoot some cows for a summer project. Time will tell. In the meantime I need to send art to print.

And I read that there is a big discussion on Quilt Art Network about using photos in Art Quilts with much negativity. To which I say if you don't like them then you don't have to make them. Leave that to me!
And in the words of one of my great teachers "There comes a time when you don't need to be on sites with ongoing discussions and negativity. Put your energy into your work."

I need to quit reading other peoples blogs! But you can comment on mine. It's free!! I know free at this time of year!!


  1. I had to stop by and pay a visit to your blog as I'm always inspired by your work - and of course you didn't leave me disappointed. :) I'm a little nervous to read this debate over photographs in art quilts as I've been experimenting and playing with my own art in the hopes of exhibiting - as a matter of fact I just sent off a few photos for printing today! I do find it kind of amusing that the sort of on the fringe contemporary art quilt world is fussing over - of all things - what is considered art. :) The "art scene" gives me a bit of a head ache...but I sure do like looking at what people create. I'm not at all ready for Christmas and will probably be preparing right down to the last minute...

  2. Go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I encourage using your own photos, your response to the photo makes art straight from your heart. And that is what touches people.
    As for the "art scene" it is over rated

    1. Oops hit the wrong key. Don't worry about the art scene and what is Art and what is craft. I think things done well are craft, and craft done with content may turn out to be art. As long as what you do satisfies you.
      A lot of us are way over the art vs. craft debate. Just do it!