Sunday, September 21, 2014

No More

Red Fence!!!!! I had a brain storm as I was shopping at JoAnns about my ugly red fence which matched my ugly red rotten deck. The deck is gone but the fence remained. Ugly barn rusty red. The fence on the back of the property is weathered gray wood. Next to that is white picket fence that I painted white, it used to be weathered wood also. Running on the other side of the property is white plastic privacy fence. Now I have a silver gray fence.
Much better! I am the only one looking at it and I like it so that's what counts the most. Took me 4 days painting it in sections. I am glad it is finished because now it is raining. Super happy I didn't paint it white as my neighbor suggested, this blends into the neighborhood better.
The coming week will be busy. Tuesday I give a speech about my work, my favorite subject me! Thursday is a group workshop which should be fun and Friday night is the opening of Focus: Fiber 2014. I am doubly happy to see it open. It's been a project for over a year.

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