Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday

Happy 12th birthday my fur friend!
The studio assistant is tired of winter! It's cold, snowing and blowing, I have a cold so I am not going out for a walk with her. Maybe we will take a drive to the bank later. That will cheer her up.
She likes walks around the block, without a leash, thank you, she likes to greet everyone along the way. Especially older people sitting out in the summer.
She also like retail therapy, Rural King being a favorite, wide aisles, the smells of other dogs and critters (a few wild birds flying about and this time of year, baby chicks.) Nursing homes are fine, they have self opening doors, which she views as a necessity.
Favorite tricks, coming in the door you didn't go out. If she goes out the garage door she scampers to the back patio door and waits, she started this shortly after my mother died, we would go out the back door and walk down the driveway to get the paper, she would look at me and calmly walk up the sidewalk to the front door and wait patiently for me to walk trough the house and let her in. I am sure there is some kind of doggie joke there.
Dyna also likes trips to the barn, visiting with the Minnie the barn cat, and Dozer and Tuff the barn dogs, Skittles, Willy and Slater the horses look at her like OK she's small but harmless. She loves running in the arena, deep sand must feel like running through snow which she likes.

Trick we want to learn this year, driving!

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