Monday, February 17, 2014

A Hint of Spring

Cyclamens are bending towards the sun! Lucky they are not outdoor plants because it was 1°F this morning. I knew it was very cold when Dyna was crunching across the snow on the deck. She was not moving fast. I think she is tired of winter. If the weather is nice we go for a walk around the block and she is beside herself with joy. Trotting most of the way, the last few houses are a bit of a struggle since she has worn herself out. She is 12 years old this month which is getting up there for a corgi. She has grey around her ears, hmm maybe she needs some hair color!
This is my great aunt Kitty. Actually this is an enlargement from A Day at the Races. When I did the page for the quilt in my portfolio I was taken with the detail shot and thought it would make a great portrait. I need to do more stitch work on the face and then I will think about the background I have quite a bit more black on the right side. Maybe a kantha stitch treatment. Time will tell.
Yesterday I went through a file box of photos, separating them into my mother and my fathers family. My parents were interested in photography and took lots of photos. After they had 6 children the interest and time waned but I have a lot of 30's, 40's and 50's photos. I have picked out 7 that may be the next project. Scanning will commence later today. Right now I have a mixed berry and apple pie in the oven. It will warm the house a bit.

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