Thursday, November 21, 2013

Color and correction

 I have been working on the prospectus for Focus: Fiber 2014. It is TAA's fiber show that will open  September 2014 at Erie Art Museum. One of our considerations was whether photos can be modified.
I know from working in advertising that digital photos need to be modified. Digital cameras do not capture color correctly, they tend to be weak in the black component and a good photographer will adjust to make the photos richer.
At the left is a photo of my current quilt, it looks very yellow with a red cast (from the flash) to me.
I know it is a green quilt, I bought the fabric!

This is more like it, though it is washed out on the right from the window to the right. The red cast is gone also. Now the jockeys pants are white.
We have decided to allow correction, as long as the work is not altered in form.
I think some major shows need to rethink their policies and get an understanding of the current state of photography.
I wish you all happy holidays. Since I couldn't wait and the turkey was fresh I have been eating turkey all week, with dressing and cranberry sauce! Yum!!!

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