Thursday, March 10, 2011

Used to.

I used to have a really nice Imac with a 20 inch screen on a very modern stand with a nice flat keyboard. I even had pictures of it, along with pictures of my studio. Pictures that I took with my very nice canon camera, that I used to have. And I had all kinds of pictures of my quilts that I have finished recently. Used to. I had a nice collection of rings and necklaces, gifts from my parents, odd little things, probably not worth much, except to me. Used to. And I had a Mac book purchased for speeches and a class. Used to. And about $20 worth of change. Used to.
And some drugged out thief decided my stuff would make enough booty for him (or her) to get drugged up for the day. It doesn't seem fair. I worked hard for all that stuff and in a small amount of time it was gone.
But the studio assistant was not harmed, even though I found her standing on a pile of safety glass. If you are reading this on my mac where I had the page bookmarked, call me and we can make a deal. If you are the thief, do the world a favor and buy enough to overdose.

Well that is off my mind. On to the good news I have 2 pieces accepted into Ohio Designer Craftsman Best of 2011. I'd show you photos but they were on my compu. . .well, there are some lo res left from my website. So here is Fancy Coat, my mom from the 30's aren't those sleeves the bee's knees?
And here is a word of wisdom, back up often, you don't know who is lurking.


  1. Such a terrible experience having some lowlife take one's possessions. I still remember what a shock it was to find someone had invaded my personal space. I send good feelings your way and hope that you might recover something. Del

  2. This is terrible to hear. So sorry this happened to you...

  3. I am so thankful that you and your studio assistant are OK.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I look forward to seeing your work at ODC...unfortunately I did not make the cut this year. Next year maybe! :O)! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Mary Helen thanks for the good wishes. Have you entered Focus: Fiber? You can get an entry form on It's going to be a good show, Dorothy Caldwell is the juror and the show will be at The Canton Museum of Art. Gayle is getting the FAVA show set up again (already!)

  6. I remember you writing about this event. I am still upset for you. I hope you now have a new system and more security!