Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time flies

I can't believe only 2 more days to December. I have been busy, cleaning out this big house and I had over 2 weeks of work freelancing at the ad agency. I have my studio all moved downstairs and have been doodling over small pieces. Nothing much to show just quilting organza over old sheet blankets I found, they have blue stripes that peeks out of the organza. I baked pies to take over to my oldest brothers house for Thanksgiving, pumpkin, apple and berry. Friday I cooked my own turkey breast because I love turkey sandwiches, the real turkey not the slab grocery store stuff.
They started the barn so maybe the 2 refugees will be in permanent stalls by Christmas. Poor things, but it is kind of drafty because the door faces into the wind and there are no trees to break the wind. But it will be cooler in the summer. look how poor she looks. Ha. Looks like she needs a couple of laps around the arena!

I did clean her stall after this photo.

Next I will be working on using up all the flannel scraps from the hospital gowns I made last year that never sold. I think i will make lap quilts out of them and donate them along with the gowns to the hospice that took care of my mom, they have a need for their people that have no insurance.

And I will be in charge of Textile Art Alliances member show in February. I am kind of looking forward to it, to keep busy and also to learn how to coordinate shows.

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  1. Are you having a barn built?
    Is this the house you have always lived in?
    You leave too many blanks!