Sunday, November 7, 2010

The last thing you won't see at QN

Maple Street Girls Club
44"H x 68" W

This piece has a lot to do with the aging process and what happens when we as a group age.

It was a puzzle to do when it came to putting the photos done and there was just an outline to paste down.

I intended it to be food for thought and I think it is. Perhaps too much food.

To that end I have found many photos of myself that are going to turn into art over the winter. In the meantime, I am moving my studio to a downstairs room and it is turning into quite the project. I bought four bookcase and a proper desk instead of my collection of pressboard boxes and boards. I have set up my sewing and embellishing machines and have moved my fabric and loads of books down. Now I may actually make something as my gold ATCs are over due. Time flys! And I have successfully installed WiFi so my computer could move away from the phone system. I guess I am clever after all. Putting together furniture and computers.

I am not a political person, I think it is somewhat like sex. No one really wants to know. But I must say I was happy about Tuesdays outcome. I hope some common sense finally prevails. Our state is sadly lacking in the jobs sector but we keep electing the same democratic tax-the-hell-out-of-you-and-wonder why-the-job-providing-companies-left. Time will tell. Remember when the president moved in and all his supporters said "We took our country back? Well, evidently some of us wanted "our" country back. But it's not the time to gloat. It's time to settle down and work hard and make things better. It's time to meet in the middle. The answer to healthcare is NOT the government sticking it's nose in. Anyone who has dealt with medicare will tell you that. You constantly have to monitor because the system sucks you in and then tries to regurgitate you. And can you trust a system that passes all kinds of inane laws to "protect" you? Look at San Francisco where they want to outlaw toys in happy meals because they make kids fat but want to OK marijuana that makes you want to binge on sweets that, wait for it, make you FAT! Huh?

Okay, off the soapbox, I read all the comments on Facebook and I just wanted my little say. Back to work. Bring another load of art supplies down.

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