Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Morning Visitor

Every morning Dyna, otherwise know as The Studio Assistant, and I head out the back door to feed the fish while Dyna waters the grass, then I head out to the road to retrieve the paper. As soon as Dyna sees me head back from the road, she runs up the front sidewalk to the front door where she waits patiently on the ramp for me to let her in.
She started this about a month ago. I hope she doesn't expect me to shovel snow off the walk in the winter!

In other news, Skittles moved to her new home with Willy the other horse in the barn. Paul and Nancy sold the farm where she was boarded so she now stays with with Julie, Paul and Nancy's daughter who is also Willys owner. That's Skittles red rump on the right.  Let's say she's not happy about the new digs. It'll grow on her and there are plans for a permanent barn and pasture.
Now Dyna has a new barn to visit and 2 new dogs to get used to.

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