Monday, September 27, 2010

Dad Time

I have done a lot of art celebrating my mom. She and her sisters took loads of photos. Especially when they were teenagers. I even have have her little red box brownie.
My dad was another story. I don't remember seeing photos of him taken as a child, his parents divorced when he was seven. He never saw his father again. He didn't have contact with his father's family until the mid sixties when his aunt was looking for relatives. We then got connected with some of his family. They are from England, we made some connections and I have a large family tree going back to the 1400's.
I have been cleaning out my mothers bedroom and have found a small treasure trove of dad photos. My parents saved a lot of things, the hospital bill from my oldest brothers birth, pay receipts from the army, discharge papers, my mothers grade school report cards, etc.
To the left is my dad. I know my mother was a hottie but dad was a cutie as a child.
I have a great nephew who is a dead ringer for my dad.
So here's to you dad, finally reunited with your forever sweetie in heaven.

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  1. Nice background info. I think losing a loved one brings up all the interconnected thoughts about the others. Good work : )