Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spending Quality Time

Where have I been?

spending hours with my former full time employer as a freelancer.
In their fancy new space, which is planned out as a village. All the offices are little houses, or cabins or whatever. With streets of old posters (think Toulouse Lautrec) and antiques sprinkled in. With modern meeting rooms with huge plasma screened TVs for presentations.

Paulines little house

Lemonade on the veranda anyone?
So, mowing after work, and horse stall cleaning and maybe a little art later. But I am not complaining. you must make hay while the sun shines! And today I shipped out Sunday, Ft. Lauderdale, 3pm to the Quilted Surfaces VI show in Delaware and next weekend I will take my piece over to Oberlin to the Artist as Quiltmaker show.
Nope, I am NOT complaining!!!!

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  1. Mary Ann - I'm glad you have a job - temporary or not. Do the individual "houses" improve the output? It is an interesting idea, but I do wonder if it is helpful.
    Congratulations on having your quilts in exhibits. Is the one to Delaware at the University? I have loaned quilts to them for a couple exhibits - nice people to work with. Del