Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And the After

  Studio changes are made. I even dusted. I mean this was a serious clean up. It must be something in the fall air. We all seem to to want to nest for the winter. Next is to dig all the stuff out of the cubbyhole. I want to be down to a couple boxes of stuff. I will not be giving up my mechanical toy collection, even if they are just plastic. Mickey Mouse and Snoopy cannot be replaced.
  And here is the piece that started the wall art change. I did this after my mother fell. I could take it to the hospital and nursing home and work on it. I called it the Healing Piece. I imagined the squiggles were brain cells trying to reconnect. It reminds me to play and experiment more.


  1. A clear out is always good for the soul. I love your healing piece and I hope your Mother is getter better x

  2. I agree: cleaning out / re-organizing has to happen periodically. It clears the path for the "next thing"...