Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Details and a USO Followup

  Here is the promised detail shot of Through The Mirror Darkly. I added stitching around the gentleman and around the mirror frame. 
Now I have some photoshop work to do on a new scan that will be four figures and be quite large, at least 84 inches long. I will be looking to output this commercially since I only have access to a n 8.5 x 11 inkjet printer and I will need about 10 to 12, 11 x 17 pages to put the new one piece together.

 And a use for USOs? Here are a few pages from one of my stitch books where the USOs landed. I make these from odd scraps that I like to loosely stitch and then make into a book. There you guys are among the first to see these except for a few close friends. Click to enlarge and see the details. 
Now the questions is, will the weather be good enough to mow tomorrow? Some of my grass is 4 to 5 inches long. It's a 2 and half hour long job.


  1. Even though I don't know what a USO is, I like what you've done with them. I have also made cloth books from collages I make when I travel. I bring along all the same size backgrounds, then bind together the ones I like later, if they don't end up in another piece. Cool to see!

  2. USO are Unidentified Sewn Objects. You just stitch for the fun of it (or as Dorothy Caldwell would say, you are making marks) and then decide what to do with it.