Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where have I been?

Well I have been working on my beaded, embroidered piece. A few stitches at a time. And. . . I started a new piece today, a big piece about my grandmother. Not much to see yet. Patched cotton duck with gel medium and a few random fabrics attached with gel medium and white paint splotches. Next some staining on it and I will paint some tissue paper to paste on. I have the palette of colors picked out. No photos yet. 
AND!!! I rode my horse (Skittles) Sunday! Just got the nerve up and the time to do it and climbed on. I haven't ridden Skittles since last fall and I didn't canter her at all last year. Climbed on in shorts and tennis shoes asked for a walk, trot and canter and got it with no fuss. There is much to be said for an old horse, she's trained and we know each other. This photo is not Skittles. This is my prior horse, Doc. He looks good, and I didn't look too bad but he was not comfortable to ride, my knees used to ache. I'll have to get a picture of me on Skittles, uh oh, another project!
Andl, I have been busy with mowing, trimming bushes, weeding, cleaning house and the front walk is now 6 inches wider since I edged it. More room to roll a wheelchair down it.


  1. Hate to say, but how could you not be nervous getting on a horse called Skittles! I know they are sweet, but the name is a little scary. Doc, now that's a name I'd feel safe with (of course both my dad and grandfather were docs!)


  2. If your "Orion" is discharge, how did you get it to be different colors? I have seen one other like this, but was unable to talk to the maker.
    I check in on you when I can and think of you often. Love, Del (currently in Long Beach, CA)