Friday, July 31, 2009


What is it?!?
Unidentified sewn object! I'm not sure what these will turn into, but they are rusted, embroidered with random stitches of metallic thread and then coated with gel medium, the really thick stuff I put on with a spatula and let dry over night. It makes the cloth like plastic and really makes the stitching stand out.  
An entertainment while I am putting off finishing my new web site, why? I don't know but I am a page closer, but I really need to do the gallery page.  And finish it. And finish the new piece I started this week and the QSDS piece needs a back and photos, entry season is upon us!


  1. What's a page closer?
    I'm working on another web site, and every week I think is going to be the last, then I let it drag on and on...

    Webistes are endless as are UFO's:)
    I know you'll get it all done, all in good time.

  2. I iike these USOs. if you can't find a use for them I will!