Monday, September 16, 2013

American Craft Council

I love American Craft magazine. I get their e-blasts too and I was excited when I read of their latest project for their blog. If you responded with a jpeg of your work that would fit with the project they would send you photos from their archives. You make a piece of art from the photos and send them a jpeg of the work. To the left is the photo I received of Barbara Rockfeller and Joan Mondale.

I have scanned it and done some photoshop work, had it printed at Spoonflower and now I need to sew them down. I actually have the background quilted now and Barb and Joan ready to be stitched. I will post a link to the blog when it starts probably in early October.

In the meantime tomorrow I am giving a talk on my work to a seniors group in Berea, Ohio. Should be fun, I have a power point presentation and I am taking a selection of new and old pieces of work. And it's of my favorite subject, ME! Me, me, me, it's all about me, all of the time. ME!

Alright, calm down girl and get a grip. As my mother told me when I first got in Quilt National in 2007. Your head will be so BIG! Ha, not really. As I say, "I try my best." As we all should.


  1. I have missed you mary Anne! Peace, mary helen

  2. Another great piece - you get better and better. It looks as though the photo was taken at a fiber art exhibit - what are those works hanging on the walls? Must be mid-70s, Barbara in a patchwork skirt. I'll have to rethink American Craft Magazine; I haven't looked at it for years and years. I can't believe you would ever do ME ME ME, doesn't seem to fit your persona. Love, Del