Friday, October 22, 2010

Time Off for Good Behavior

Really, I was good! I baked 11 pies for our church's Fall Festival. 5 apple. 5 pumpkin and 1 cherry/pear, (I was cleaning the cupboard and it wasn't all that bad. I may have to make that again. We raised some money that will go towards our community suppers. The church's in our little town got together and each one sponsors a supper each day of the last week of the month, so no one has to go hungry. We formed a garden committee and tilled up a half acre (God's Little Green Acre?). You can take a small plot or 2 or you can work in our community garden. We raised a lot of vegetables and donated to the community kitchen and meals on wheels. Then we sold our extras for donations after mass and raised a fair amount to pass on for the suppers. Neat, and we all had a good time doing it.
Sunday was Textile Art Alliance Wearable Fashion Show and Boutique. I did the signs, program and name badges and then worked the raffle booth and manned the door for stragglers. Hopefully we raised a good amount of money for the Cleveland Museum of Art's textile collection.
Totally two ends of the spectrum but both are food for the soul I guess.
And so my reward was a day with Mr Keith LoBue!
For a class about adhering paper to well, anything! Lots of cool techniques and great ideas.

My final piece, though I will do more to this to finish it.
And then I have worked a few freelance day.

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  1. Hi, Keith : )
    And I am impressed with all that pie-baking! We should open a shop!!