Friday, August 20, 2010

Things to do on a hot summer day

Well, there is eating. Someone is happy out in the pasture. She did get ridden, we even took a stroll outside but the flies were bad.
Then I have freelanced for a few days and worked on quilts. I have finished 4 in the past 3 months which is a lot for me. But not working has helped, plus I had some ideas which worked out. Nothing I can show until October when the Quilt National show is announced. Then I will probably have everything to show you. Or maybe not.

Alright, here is the one that I am not entering. It is 69" x 67".  My other pieces are smaller and have a bit more content to them. I am really trying to put content into my art, I am trying to get to the next level.
Next up: can she can tomato sauce? The tomatoes and basil are ripening!

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