Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Transfer Class

I gave a talk Tuesday to The Northcoast Needlers. A great group. I had to follow their Show-and-Tell.  Gulp. Lots of great work. They were a fun group and I got to show a little of what I do. I seriously need a lap top. You need PowerPoint to do talks. Everyone loves a photo and I did a Power Point but had nothing to plug in to the projector.
I now own a MacBook. Yay!
It's a cute little bugger. I think I have to name him. Probably something like Max. He is a male. That way if he doesn't work I can yell and call him a bad boy.
Saturday I taught a class in image transfer to a hard working bunch of women from the Northcoast Needlers. I learned a lot and next time I think I can be better prepared. And more focused. But they did a lot of work. We did gel medium transfers from ink jet photo paper and transparencies which we ran thru my printer. Lots of different  effects. We also did Xylene transfers from toner prints and ran fabric thru the printer.
We were so busy I forgot to pull the camera out till everyone but one person had packed up. But here are the great results.
I hope everyone had a good time and learned a lot. And I  will be joining the Northcoast Needlers. They are a very large group, 194 members spread out over several counties in Northern Ohio.
Garden is weeded. I picked 2 tomatoes tonight. And I have several watermelons going, the size of a large softball. I am so excited over those watermelons. It's like I have discovered children under a cabbage leaf. Silly! But that is the magic of a garden. The proud mother will have to take baby pictures.
The studio assistant like to lay nearby guarding them.

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