Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And sew on. . .

I have been sewing, really. I made my mom two new flannel hospital gowns. Much softer and comfortable than the standard issue version. I swear they make those things out of brown paper towels. I took an old one apart and made a paper pattern. It takes about an hour to cut and sew one up. I found a bowling pin print so now she has a bowling shirt.
And I made my friend Julie's daughter some winter themed flannel baby blankets. Little Lily was born 2 weeks ago. As her dad said, she is a lucky little girl, she already had a horse and a dog when she was born. (Though I am not sure she is lucky with Willy, that bugger tried to bite me today. Skittles does not have the market on cranky evidently!)  
The quilt above is called Couch for short or Sunday, Fort Lauderdale, 3 pm. for long.
I have the background done though it may change. It needs some paint and stitching. And it is big, something like 74" wide and 50" tall. Last weekend I went to the Medina Flea Market and bought 2 1940's photo albums so I have several new ideas lined up. Have to do some scanning and photoshop work and take them out for printing. Staples can print 24 x 36 plain paper black and whites for pretty dang cheap. Couch only has 4 pieces of paper pieced together. When I did the 11 x 17 printer I would have had maybe 20 pieces to piece. Much better! Though it is tricky to get the larger pieces lined up and glued down. But then again I like a funky-not-perfect look. 
Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Bowling gown - I love it!

    The quiilt is great too, especially glad to learn the size. Good for you, getting out and stocking up on more photos for new projects. You're going to have a great new year!

  2. Don't know why I didn't see this post before, but glad I saw it today. Love the image on this piece! Happy New Year!