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Up a Tree

  Well thank God, I wasn't up the tree but I did hire a company to clean out the massive oak tree that was growing over my roof. Lots of dead branches that had to come down. Probably a few displaced squirrels.  4 men and 3 hours of work, what a difference. Hopefully a lot less pick up when the wind blows. It should be good for another 10 years. As long as you open up the top for the wind to blow through it should be good. I sat and stitched and watched. Bobby hunkered down on the couch. I have been stitching columns of Virtues for the Modern World. Sort of in the spirit of a prayer flag but  list of virtues to make the world better. Things like civility, sobriety, humility, forgiveness, forbearance, love, etc. Bits of old lace, fabric scraps, buttons, beads and random embroidery.  And the old crabby woman is still hanging out on the design board. She's getting there, I see 2 more trees in her future maybe with leaves on them. Sort of a "Can't See the Forest for the Tre

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